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    FunInVR Oman/Middle East opens dedicated VR Amusement centre featuring Roam Free VR Solution
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    Train For Any Scenario
    Roam Free VR's cutting edge training platform

Delivering cutting edge arena style VR gameplay to small venues

Zero Latency

What is Roam Free VR?

Roam Free VR is a provider of arena scale VR game solutions for the amusement industry. Our product is a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience for ages 13 and above. We provide the hardware and software so you can have a high quality VR solution that is designed to bring a fast return on investment. Our technology utilizes sophisticated hardware that allows players to walk around freely in the game space without limiting and obtrusive cables that hinders the VR experience at home. Furthermore, our gameplay is specifically tailored for the space and incorporates other immersive sensations while you are playing. Feel the wind from a helicopter as you take out a zombie horde! Feel the recoil on your shoulder as you fire a fully automatic weapon! Feel the heat on your face from an exploding car!

Our VR Solution

Our focus is to bring cost effective un-tethered VR experiences to a variety of locations. Whether you are a dedicated amusement centre or looking at generating revenue in another type of entertainment precinct, our solution is for you! Roam Free VR supplies all the hardware and software giving our customers a simple turn-key solution to get into the ever emerging VR marketplace. Our gameplay is designed for smaller spaces which allows installations into venues with limited real-estate to spare. Furthermore, we offer content creation services. If you have an idea for a game and want something exclusive for your location, we can design it on spec. Or...simply add our library of general games as they are developed! We aim to keep our solution fresh with content for our partners.


Play up to 4 players simultaneously. Talk strategy with your friends with live in game chat.


Our games incorporate additional effects to stimulate the senses! Feel the wind on your face while you take out enemies in an attack chopper. Feel the heat from fire. Feel the weapon re-coil on your shoulder!


Roam Free VR gives you an obstruction free game space completely un-tethered. Our motion capture technology provides a fully immersive virtual reality game experience with zero latency.


Partner with Roam Free VR for you location and we can design custom games for your business.

Cost Effective

Unlike other Un-Tethered VR experiences that cost and arm and a leg and take up an entire warehouse, our solution and games are designed for 10 x 8m spaces which allows flexibility for the installation space and significant cost savings by reducing the capture area. Our games are cleverly designed to re-use space to keep the action moving!

Advanced Technology

Our solution utilizes the very best in current VR technology and will continue to adapt with new developments in the industry. Roam Free VR uses ultra low latency tracking systems and props that immerse the gamer further into the experience.

VR Arena Gameplay
VR zombie gameplay


Roam Free VR Avatars

Roam Free VR introduces cutting edge'real-time' Avatar generation feature for platform

Providing Captivating VR Amusement Solutions

Virtual Reality Services

Roam Free VR offers many development services in addition to arena based game solutions.

Real estate/Architectural Modelling

Roam Free VR designs applications that allow users to do a 'virtual tour' of a property for sales and/or conceptual purposes. Users can virtually navigate a floor plan with customized fit-out. Also a fantastic tool for architects to pre-visualize a concept before the construction phase.


We can custom design a variety of VR training simulations in a tether free 8 x 10m space. Imagine police force training to enter a hostile premises, or training firefighters to work in hazardous conditions. We can create all sorts of scenarios. You tell us what you need from your training program and we will create it for you! See the Training Section on the website for more information.

Game Design

Obviously we design games for our Roam Free VR platform but we also design games for smaller 'room scale' installations for general smaller amusements.

Quarantine. The last thing standing between Zombie armageddon is YOU!